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If you barrel race – this course will help you – we have worked with Beginners through Successful Professionals and helped them to gain insight and consistently clock better. 
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Josie McMurtrey - Abilene, TX

Sam!  Your virtual workshop is a game changer for me!  The light bulb has come on in so many areas already.  I will always look at a set of papers, but I will never look at a horse’s confirmation the same again after what I’ve learned in your workshop.  Being a little self critical and applying the knowledge I’ve gained already to horses I wasn’t successful on makes me feel better as a rider, it wasn’t all me.  Those horses weren’t designed to be barrel horses!  This is enlightening and will hopefully put me closer to obtaining my goals so I won’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again!  I’m excited to keep learning through these lessons.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others!  – Josie McMurtrey – Abilene, TX

Melissa Duff - Bassano, AB

I’ve learned… how to adapt to each horse I’m riding through the lessons of circles, and centre of balance. The importance of working the walk gate. Riding alone creates habits that get overlooked, and reinforcing, and learning is never ending. Having the visual from the early lessons locked in my head as I step in the saddle has made the actual riding time a lot more productive, as it’s taught specific focus to areas generally over looked in clinics I have attended. Adjusting to the natural movements of THAT horse first, regardless of the “drill”. Taking into consideration the body type and elements asked. All lessons have tweaked something, and a tool that was more than worth investing in.

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We have been gathering data and working towards this for 13 years! 


Workshop Overview

15 Core Lessons


  • We show you the WHAT, WHY and HOW to figure out clocking on the barrel pattern with relate-able measurements and procedures to follow so you can find the best path for each horse as an individual.
  • We show you how to relate your horses conformation measurements and strengths to the pattern and help them where they might have some weaknesses.
  • We show you how you can help or hinder your horse and how to make adjustments accordingly.
  • We show you how to have confidence every time you make a run because you know EXACTLY where and how you should be going there

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We aren’t done.  “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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We have been the leader in providing analytical interval data to barrel racers for 13 years.  


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About US

Our Story

My Personal Biography:

I have loved rodeo and barrel racing since I can remember. I remember watching Mesquite Championship Rodeo every Sunday night on the big pillow on our living room floor. I have always been horse crazy, and like the average horse crazy enthusiast, I would sell my soul for a horse in a heartbeat.
I grew up in Northern Ontario Canada. It is fairly isolated and surrounded by trees, mountains and lakes, not exactly horse country. My family didn’t have a lot of money so I rode friends and family’s horses mostly over the years. We did have a pony Rusty when we were little. He was a typical shetland that would let us ride for a bit and then lay down when he was done. Some of my cousins and friends had horses and I used every opportunity I could to be with them. No one in our family did anything beyond basic riding and some gymkhanas. We had a few local fairs per year that had open horse shows that I would watch with awe. When I was in Highschool I saved up my babysitting money and took some basic riding lessons with a neighbor Sheila Platnick. Sheila was a regular on the horse show circuit and showed Arabians and Quarter Horses. She had a lot of patience and taught a lot of local kids horsemanship over the years. When I was 14 my mom bought a horse. It was a Standard Bred off a PMU line and it had been driven in a cart, never ridden. It was scared to death of the trees and had not been loved much. She was a pacer and it took us close to a year to make her lope. She was scared of the trees so the bush trails were fast and wild. My sister and I saved up our money and bought our own first horse 2 years later, a 2 year old filly off My Aunt & Uncles Quarter/Arab/Welsh mare crossed with a Tennesse Walking Horse sire. We got her broke without a saddle as we only had one and it was generally reserved for “Babe” the standard bred. That little mare “Taffy” had a heart of gold. She taught us so much and as all horse people do, you wish you could have them back with the knowledge you have now. She lived to be 22 years old and was a lesson horse for a lot of years. When I was 21, out of college and wanting to be anywhere but where I was, I headed 8 hours west to Manitoba. I grew up around Dairy so got a job milking cows. I got a job on a larger farm and milked the night shift from 5pm to 2am and worked at a local auction mart during the day. My sister moved to Manitoba and we went to every rodeo and horse event we could, constantly in awe of the quality and quantity of horses people had. I have met a lot of great people and over the years have accumulated knowledge from any and everyone I can. I have worked at a lot of cool jobs, including being the provincial rodeo secretary. I haven’t always been able to own a horse but have always kept involved through friends and acquaintances in the industry.
I have been doing Interval timing since 2006. I had a string of bad luck with horse injuries and was sitting on the sidelines watching. I was looking for a way to make some extra money until my horse was sound, when a friend suggested the concept of interval timing as a good option for me. I am an accounting analyst with touch of programming by trade so it seemed to be a good fit. I have developed my Intervaltiming.com business and written software around the data, observations and information I have collected since starting. I have caught intervals and watched live over 300,000 runs since starting the business. If you have ever sat and watched a run happen and the clock go at the same time, it is an eye opener on what the eye perceives is fast and what the clock says, and they can be two entirely different things.
When I was young, I was in love with gymnastics. If you have ever been involved in the sport, it has a lot of the same needs as a good barrel run. Timing, muscle memory, physics, form, breakneck speeds and adrenaline are all the same, as well as the importance of balance kinetics, physics and lines. A lot of my balance of knowledge of timing and balance started here.
I am blessed with an analytical mind and thought process without judgement. I see things move and they are balanced and have symmetry or they aren’t and my eye is looking for the balance point and where there can be improvement. I am results driven to a fault. There is very little grey when it comes to my eyes and a barrel run on how the lines and physics work. I also have the clock and interval timing to back me up. Execution should be the only variable you have left after working with me and my program.
I am currently studying coaching through the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program, an internationally recognised certification with multiple disciplines. I am focusing on Equestrian and Gymnastics, with plans of earning my Level 3 (of 5) certification within the next couple of years. I do live rodeo production with my company Copper Top Live, Own Intervaltiming.com and I am also an accounting technician, which helps pay the mortgage and keeps my mind sharp.
There are so many barrel racing “opinions” without back up or follow through in our industry, and I have always found it frustrating. I started out as a “parrot” and feel like a lot of people have done and continue to do the same. We mimic what we see, without applying a proper analytical assessment to it. There are a lot of clinicians who talk without teaching. I see a lot of top riders and trainers “helping” others, but they don’t know why they are doing what they are doing. These opinions often cost people top dollar with no guarantee, no evidence, no proper education and at the end of the day, these people have no accountability for a lack of results.
I will present to you a methodology and process with a results guarantee. If you can open your thoughts and eyes to the physics and kinetics of both your horse (and all horses) and yourself, apply them to the pattern, and trust the clock, it will be the proof. Other noted benefits are horses and riders that stay sounder longer because they are working with physics and gravity, instead of against it. 

I am excited to build my legacy of helping others by educating in a truthful, fact based program with integrity and a results guarantee. My long-term goal is to set up permanent facilities that people with a proper foundation and an educated eye can go get their interval timing and video data and BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHY AND HOW, make better decisions on changes to help their horses be successful. I would also like to create a team of people working together to help themselves and others reach their goals and personal bests on every pattern and building they choose to make a run in.

Samantha Winslow



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